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What did the boy say when he saw a bunch of parakeets in a shop?

2022.01.22 09:06 Lava_Wolf_68 What did the boy say when he saw a bunch of parakeets in a shop?

Mommy, look, those are some canaries that aren't ripe.
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Salt is real
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My spouse and I are on the title and I want to split the rental income 50/50 on our tax returns. But I’ve been depositing the rent cheques into my own chequing account. Does that matter? Or were we supposed to deposit it into a joint account?
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How many diamonds can I collect in 1 month?
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2022.01.22 09:06 Vadenveil New writer, would like some critique on the opening to the story I decided to write. I really want to improve.

Blinking lights, heat and smoke, shouts and gunfire. Avani came too surrounded by these sensations. It took her a moment to get her bearings but quickly she grasped the situation, and the fire building in her cockpit threatened to cook her alive. The draken wrestled her harness off and ripped the hatch release, bracing as the hinges blew the canopy of her VTOL clear off. As she tried to get out she stumbled, her vision blurred and spinning; what had happened? Brief flashes of memory flashed through her mind before a hand slapped her shoulder and woke her up from her stupor. “Av! Thank the saint! Are you ok? Here let me get a look at you.” The reptilian eyes staring into hers were of Gwin. The skaladen knight was always a worrywort, ever fretting over the slightest scratch or cut someone had. Honestly, as far as Avani was concerned, that's what made him such a good medic. “Nothing too bad, just a mild knock.” He moved her head side to side, checking her over for any other injuries, before standing back up and shoving her rifle into her hands. “Right, we need you up now. Damn imperials are swarming and Broker Squad went down in a ball of-” Just as he was about to finish, her vision returned just in time to see a lightly armoured man rush them screaming. Gwin, span on the spot, a flash of fire sparking and blazing into the shape of a longsword. Within a second the attacker’s torso flew past her head, his legs collapsed in the snow where they were separated. The pilot frantically scanned her surroundings, a bloodbath of woods and craters. Imperials came screaming from the trees, trudging through the snow with spears and swords in hand; what was left of her squad, a pair of twins recently assigned to her unit stood side to side, one brandishing a blade’s shield with their rifle sat upon it while the other carried just a rifle, both picked out targets in perfect sync, with not even a word between them and only the staggered cracks of their shots. For every soldier unfortunate to be their prey, if the first shot wasn’t fatal, the second was. These two had practically mastered Burstfire pyromancy, priming the target then following up with a detonation; and it was potent, with entire groups going up in clouds of crimson stained snow and viscera. Gwin was no slouch either, the moment he was sure Avani was ok, he lept back to the others, cutting down anyone that got too close; one poor foot getting the leaping skaladin’s blade thrown into their back, impaling them into the snow as the force of the blow crumpled their body into the ground. Avani collected herself, reaching into her back pocket as she took out a stripper clip of large bullets, bit her finger and smeared her blood along the sides of them before driving them down into her gun. A quick snap of her was all she needed to aim; her first round landing in the captain far off in the trees; the Skaladin’s plate armour doing almost nothing against the round as it embedded itself in his chest. His scream rang out, along with a loud curse, giving enough notice for his men to stop and turn in time to watch as their leader gripped his chest before slowly the flames erupted out from the wound; within seconds the man was flailing and crying as he staggered around, unable to stop his flesh burning, his scales flying off of him like sparks with a disturbing popping noise. As he flailed, he bumped into the conscripts surrounding him, setting them alight and adding to the panic and chaos. Avani didn’t waste time; Bang! Another officer fell screaming, his arm separated at the shoulder and now consuming him. Bang! Another collapsed, his squire boy staring in horror through the hole burrowed through his eye. Avani and the others had seen it before many times; Wildfire capable draken were not nearly as common as their explosive brethren, but their effectiveness was undeniable, especially those that had trained within the dragoon corps. Like their pilot. Her aim was precise, honed, and rapid. Seeing her as the source of the chaos that had sprouted one of the officers charged her, using their own magics to call down a hail of flaming spears; forcing Avani to leap for cover. Gwin and the others turned to help her but were overrun once more, the other remaining officer of this force regaining order and throwing everything they had at the group. Avani looked up in time to see the captain’s Axe swing down on her; she swung her own rifle out to deflect the blow, striking the haft and managing to lock it against the weapon. Twisting, she forced both their arm’s into the snow, immediately headbutting her assailant and tossing their weapons away. As the officer shoke the blow off, they immediately went for their sword at their hip, Avani already having closed the distance with a right hook. There was no hesitation as her knee came up striking them in the stomach. “That fighting style…” The officer coughed, spitting blood. “What’s a sister-?” They didn’t get to finish their sentence, as she placed her finger on their forehead and ran her still bloodsoaked finger down their snout. The officer’s eyes widened as she lunged to cut Avani down. The Draken’s eyes flashed as she grabbed their face, flames erupting out from her palm and a second after every orifice of her victim. The officer screamed and begged as she collapsed, choking and gurgling up molten flesh until she was slowly reduced to a charred shell. It took a moment for Avani to collect herself; she had lost herself in the panic of combat. As she looked around; Gwin, Kisin and Aida were staring at her with horrified looks; the imperials, screaming about sins, ran off in every direction, frightened out of their minds. “Av? What did you…?” Gwin sputtered out, taking a step back. Avani slowly looked at what she’d just done, and back at the group; all she could do was walk over to her rifle, sling it and start hiking. “They’ll be back, we can probably get clear if we leave now and let our tracks fade.” Her tone was stern and commanding. The others just looked between each other before Aida ran up to her. “Avani!” As she called out, she put her hand on the pilot, who immediately shrugged it off, staggering back as she stared into the commando’s eyes with a look of panicked fear… The air seemed to hang heavy for a moment before she started marching again. “I said we need to move.” Aida stared as she watched her teammate, the others followed after passing her as she stared on. As she started moving too she realised her hand was wet; looking at it she realised… It was blood.
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2022.01.22 09:06 g868 Best line of the whole kk universe

"Daniel san, this not tournament this for real"
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