fasy9 3ndra rt2kb stz4t si2ay 2d49t 2eye4 t7d2k eb66r 8i9ta t9ie9 76d25 zk9es 43k7k 3art7 7re68 fk8tt 7nk9a eznd4 66sf3 574hr Fake your death |

Fake your death

2022.01.22 09:04 elMAlInEOMeN Fake your death

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2022.01.22 09:04 bucket--bot homework and 126 lbs/57 kg

was colonized by the middle school uniform that knowledge that when it was colonized by britain if you know of my opinion
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2022.01.22 09:04 Rick-3107 Im planning to build my first pc but i dont know if the parts i picked are any good or worth it

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2022.01.22 09:04 Stryker_047 Launched Photo Mode take a snap of Spartan Kick, but here how it ends.

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2022.01.22 09:04 Then_Landscape6474 looking for a fellow learning blockchain developer

Currently doing web development,know some python,js and solidity looking to get deeper into the blockchain field by building dapps with solidity and react looking for someone who is intrested in my fields and wants to help eachother out and potentially collabrate on a project
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2022.01.22 09:04 donotmentionself Gits schwuli beschnitteni Jungs/Manne ume Thunersee um oder z Bärn wo sech vo mir (19M) eine würde la blase?

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2022.01.22 09:04 weecious For Malay mother of Thaipusam baby, a ‘thundu’ of thanksgiving

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2022.01.22 09:04 smartybrome Best 40 Courses for 22 January 2022 Hurry Don’t Miss

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2022.01.22 09:04 erenaslankur Should i just farm high entities?

on my info and control divisions i have really low entities. like low low 10-12 power max per route things. question is. Should i still bother with them? i have everything they have to offer already, or should i just farm the high danger entities like the prince alruine etc because they offer more energy while raising the counter the same? That way i can get more energy within the same state of day, without triggering a crisis or meltdown?
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2022.01.22 09:04 beyazgandalf-45 Marvel'ın yeni süper kahramanının çizimleri sızdırıldı

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2022.01.22 09:04 LaynxNA GM QNA

Heyo my names Laynx and i'm a high elo yone/yas player (higher wr yone same games) I was hoping to stop by and answer any questions and to help with my knowledge as much as possible !
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2022.01.22 09:04 BeeAdministrative897 Hello Harry Potter How Are You Today

Hello Harry Potter How Are You Today
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2022.01.22 09:04 gham89 This wrinkly egg I bought.

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2022.01.22 09:04 mar090888 If this doesn't belong in nature porn, I don't know where it does. I found two slugs reproducing on an ancient Oak tree.

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2022.01.22 09:04 skal_vi_kneppe Nordnet ASK: saldo er i minus, hvordan kan det være?

Jeg har fyldt op hele ASK hos Nordnet for lidt over en måned siden. Det går ikke godt med aktier indtil videre (fald ned med -4,3%), men jeg skal ikke sælge dem. Jeg har lagt mærke til, at saldo på kontoen er i minus (-230 kr). Hvordan kan saldo gå i minus? I øvrigt skal jeg betale ca. 100 kr. i afkastskat. Hvorfor skal jeg det, hvis jeg er i minus?
Tak for hjælpen :)
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2022.01.22 09:04 gerdavdesign [For Hire] Senior graphic designer branding specialist (Also looking for Full/Part-Time job offers)

Hi!, I am a graphic designer with 8 years of experience in branding, social media and more. I have worked with different types of companies and personal brands, I am willing to make any type of concept you have and transform it into something visually functional and attractive.

PORTFOLIO: https://dribbble.com/gerdavdesign

My prices: (Revisions, logo variants and all AI + EPS + PNG high resolution formats)

Logos: from $ 150 USD

Branding: from $ 400 USD

Any other project, doubt, specific quote and more, write to DM or directly to my email:

Discord: Germaton#5078


I hope to create your project!
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2022.01.22 09:04 Skinnerlikesdogfood Buying eucalyptus drops from the school canteen

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2022.01.22 09:04 The-Tall-Tourist Help with Fire selector on Arcturus V2 lite

So, i have an ar15 Lite by Arcturus and it has a few problems:
-Fire selector doesn't click in place and never has - fire selector (left side ) is fucked up, can i find replacement part? - Microswitch doesn't clik unles selector plate takes the cut off lever up.
What can i do apart burning this piece of crap. Can a mosfet like a leviathan solve those problems? (I mean by locking the gun in semi so i can remove the whole fire selection assembly and tape the holes on the body)
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2022.01.22 09:04 sourcesimian quick-select: A utility that makes selecting an item from a list quick and easy

I wrote quick-select to make selecting an item, in an interactive terminal shell script, from a long list faster and easier. It cuts down typing, copy-pasting and perhaps even thinking, so that you can maintain focus on your particular objective. quick-select works by narrowing down the input list by partial matching the text fragments typed in, and arrow keys and return to make final selection. When working with large numbers of things, whatever they are, quick-select is very helpful.
quick-select is written Python 3 and only uses standard libraries.
Run: quick-select demo
Example usage:

if FRUIT=$(quick-select --title "Fruit Selection" --prompt "fruit>" ./all-the-fruit); then echo "Your fruit is: $FRUIT" else echo "Not hungry" fi 
The input list format (Value[,Display[,Extra]]) allows you have different displayed and output values, and also include extra match text. The output can be written to a chosen file (using --value) or stdout.
To see a demo you can run:
python3 <(curl -ks -o - https://raw.githubusercontent.com/sourcesimian/bin/main/quick-select) demo 
For more detail and examples see the documentation: quick-select-README.md.
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2022.01.22 09:04 Sorry_Maintenance_ I love the bong and that sweet mask, and do you like my outfit for tonight?

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2022.01.22 09:04 bobbyUP-MKII Mariia Arsentieva

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2022.01.22 09:04 Middle_Soup_3679 which one sounds more like what zilla would say lol

View Poll
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2022.01.22 09:04 cookedmammoth I don't know what she's saying while caressing those thinned out rats tails but she probably mocking your weak bizeps game you even lift bro?!

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