Qui pour se branler sur ma sœur hard ?

2022.01.22 09:06 Glum_Ad532 Qui pour se branler sur ma sœur hard ?

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2022.01.22 09:06 skvllfck my feet and scalp were in so much pain but i looked good 😌

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2022.01.22 09:06 HollowShade1803 Literally just passed up on an opportunity with my mom allowing me to have a dog, because i don't want our dog to go vegan and fricking die........

Yep, that's right...... My Mom literally goes like, hey xyz [my name here], here i was just looking at some dog pics and they actually look pretty cute and now i want a dog........ I was like..... wait what..... and then she said something that I, well..... yep, i had to drop the offer.... She said we's have to make him/her go vegan..... I dunno if i made the right choice, since i too want a dog want just as much as her, if not more, but having a dog a dog and then making it go vegan is basically just...... just.... no man, i don't want it.......... (I am indian if that explains anything.........)
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2022.01.22 09:06 MrRandINT Looks like she was down by the bay

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2022.01.22 09:06 GoldbergArt HERZ, acrylic pour on canvas, me, 2019

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2022.01.22 09:06 LiamIsntMe How can I make it so that players have to install a certain mod to play?

I have a survival multiplayer server for me and my friends and I want to make it so that they have to install a certain mod (soundphysics if anybody is wondering) to log onto the server. How can I do this?
1.18.1 Fabric btw
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2022.01.22 09:06 tacosocks222445 This is how my hair looks after being washed and air dried. What products can I use to reduce frizz and define my waves? And how do I go about brushing when that causes a lot of frizziness?

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2022.01.22 09:06 MisterBorgia Help with FCS form

Hola españa, excuse the use of English in this post. I can also speak limited Spanish so will happily respond in Spanish to any speakers who respond.
Me and my family are currently having great difficulty filling out an fcs form for my grandparents, who are technologically disadvantaged. There is no helpline at all and no one to assist us with our query. Is it possible to do this form at the airport or what, it is extremely stressful and won't allow us to do new forms as it saves the original passport number. Any help or assistance you could give us would be greatly appreciated.
Yo y mi familia encontramos gran dificultad a cumplir la forma de controllar salud para nuestros abuelos. No tienen la capaz de saber como hacer este documento. No hay una sistema que pueda ayudarnos y ninguiña que pueda asistirnos con está problema en línea. Es possible que hagamos esta forma en el aeropuerto o qué? Nos pone muy estresada y no nos permite hacer formas nuevas porque guarda el numero original de la pasaporte y no podemos continuar sin esté numero. Por favor estaríamos muy agredecidos con cualquier ayuda, gracias.
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2022.01.22 09:06 Purple-Funny289 Always give gratitude💯

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2022.01.22 09:06 DRbet90 Meirl

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2022.01.22 09:06 n3v3r_a9a1n 🎀Virtual Girls🎀 - Google: 'Virtual Girls opensea'👈 Huge Event Coming Soon👈 Follow Our Twitter💝

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2022.01.22 09:06 scrapbuk How to sell my Scrap?

Ab mat bolna…
How to sell my Scrap?
Ab to google ko bhi pata hai agar scrap sell krna hai to Scrapbuk mobile application download Karo.
Free scrap pickup schedule Karo and instant cash Pao.
Sath-Sath har third-order par up to 100Rs ka cashback bhi Pao.
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2022.01.22 09:06 According_Car_8436 Wer will 🤤🤤, schreibt mich an könnt auch meine nudes haben , bin junge aso schreibt am besten mädchen mich ausser ihr habt mädchen nudes

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2022.01.22 09:06 pablo_fdez21 Shitpost

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2022.01.22 09:06 IndicationNational58 Trying to re-decorate

I'm desperate for some cool furniture. I'd love to come and shop at your island! I can offer produce, fruit, or materials?
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2022.01.22 09:06 Kdirector667 New beginning

I lost my streak a few days ago and have gone on a binge of porn and masturbation. I realized that deep down I still want to watch porn and I realize this is the problem I should be dealing with first. I don't want to fail, so I will keep trying but will adopt a new strategy in which I am attentive to my own consciousness, not to submit to all of its desires mindelessly but to know what is going on and stopping it accordingly. I think my life is so much better since I have started doing nofap, I plan to keep on it for as long as I can. Wish me luck please, I wish you luck too people>
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2022.01.22 09:06 Gosling36 How Janine talks about Pat

Pat literally treated Janine like she was one of her own and had her back through a lot of the evil acts she did but it really rubs me the wrong way how she's always bad-mouthing her but has Frank in high regards even though he bailed on her for like 2 years.
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2022.01.22 09:06 loucanfly This website doesn’t change the gram values of ingredients when the recipe size is updated

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2022.01.22 09:06 BSCNews_1 OpenOcean Integrate Mask Network Bridging Web2 with Web 3

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2022.01.22 09:06 mohdaadilf A man got upset because I was looking around in a bank. Is this normal?

I recently moved from India to London. I'm a student and have been figuring out how to do a bunch of stuff on my own. Yesterday, I went to a bank to open a new account, and since the lady behind the counter was not well versed in the formalities regarding an international student opening an account, she stood up from the counter, came out to the main hall (where I, along with other customers were), went to a door, opened a door and started talking to someone.
I naturally started looking around, then I looked at the woman talking to someone, understood that she was still having an active discussion with someone and started looking at the entrance of the bank, and then here and there. Then, as I looked at the woman again, I heard the man standing in the queue mumble something. I'm still not sure if I heard him right, but what my mind initially registered was "Pagal hai kya?"(Hindi for 'Are you mad'). I shall mention here that I am not a Hindi speaker by default, in fact I don't speak Hindi at all, but I do know the language since I've lived in a big city. Now, I was taken aback. I looked at him and asked "Excuse me? I didn't hear what you said". He mumbled again. And then when I asked him again, he just shaked his head and said something along the lines of "Why you looking here?". Now since the lady was slightly behind the man, I felt maybe it was an understandable mistake. He must've thought I was looking at him. I explained saying "I'm sorry sir, I wasn't looking at you, I was looking over there(towards the lady)". He looked a lil annoyed and said "She's serving you(at the counter(?)). Just finish your job and go. Why are you looking around?". I felt a bit distraught. I once again said "Listen. I'm sorry if I offended you, I wasn't staring, and didn't mean it anyhow.". I just looked at the empty counter then.
But, but, I felt confused and I wondered what had happened. So I turned to him and asked - "Listen I wanna ask you something. Can I ask or is this not the right time?". I am not sure if he agreed but I asked him "Why were you upset? (I know I didn't stare) Are you upset I looked at you? Is that not allowed, like a cultural thing?". And he just said "Why are you looking around? You're worrying. You're looking here and there. She's there serving you(mentioning the lady behind the counter who was infact, not there!), you can finish your work and leave. You are a very confused man." And I replied by agreeing "Yes I am a confused man. I'm new the country, so yeah I'm a bit confused". He then replied saying "Oh I'm sorry. You are a new safe place". And he should've stopped there because the next thing he said was "Don't worry, you're not in India or Pakistan. You're in a safe place. You don't need to be scared". I felt my ears burn up. I wanted to challenge that statement right then and there. But, I'm in a bank, I'm new to this country, I don't wanna create a debate session at the moment. So I just smile.
So I ask him one last time again "You said you were getting worried. Why? Was it because I was looking around?", and he weakly nodded his head. And just to clarify I told him "So were getting worried because I was looking at you?" And he just nodded his head to say yes. I said "Oh.", then I took a second and then said "I tell you the same thing you told me. You are in a safe place. You don't need to get worried". He just nodded and slowly mumbled to go ahead with my work.
I mean I don't make people uncomfortable in any environment. But is looking around (at least specifically in a bank) frowned upon!?
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2022.01.22 09:06 abbaabbaaa Can I get a second opinion on my mental health diagnosis?

Age 21
Sex F
So I have been seeing doctors for a really long time for my mental health. Every time I see a doctor I have an entirely new diagnosis. The only diagnosis that has been given twice was BPD. The rest were given once and then dropped as soon as I started seeing a new doctor. I’ve seen maybe 6-7 doctors in all my life for my mental health and even more if you count therapists and not just psychiatrists. Here are some things I’ve been diagnosed with:
BPD (age 18 and then again at 20)
INSOMNIA (age 18)
ADHD (age 12)
BIPOLAR (age 15)
PTSD (age 19)
ANXIETY (age 16)
OCD (age 21)
OPDD (when I was really young around 6-8)
Here are my symptoms I currently suffer from:
Random thoughts that I need todo an action or something bad will happen such as stopping a timer at my current age or blinking a certain amount of times or setting a countdown in my head for how long I need to hold my breath for no reason.
General moodiness
Lack of motivation
Unstable relationships
Unable to concentrate
Unable to sleep
Feelings of over confidence and then crippling low self esteem
Anger easily
Cannot stand the sound of chewing or tapping (beyond the normal amount. Like I get a fight or flight response in my mind and can’t even think)
I freak out when people play with their hands or move their toes in my eye view
I also freak out if someone puts their finger in my face or near my face. Not their whole hand but specifically a finger.
I love myself one minute and then hate myself the next
I try to force relationships that aren’t there
I read into literally everything
So yeah, I just wanted to know why I keep getting so many diagnoses and if they are remotely accurate. I can give more details if necessary. Also it may be relevant that I suffered trauma as a child such as not being allowed to sleep on a bed and having knives thrown at me and being groomed by a pedophile.
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2022.01.22 09:06 Soualhi The Only Halal Ezreal out there

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2022.01.22 09:06 Ball_Zestyclose here 4 a show from Seattle..Who is up? bored ?

Hey we're here from Seattle for the night for a show. Got a room? Anybody partying party? Your favors we have but you can bring. It's not discouraged. It's encouraged anyway. What's up? What's cracking? What's going down? drop a message
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2022.01.22 09:06 svelteoven Hard drive failing...

Hi all.
Having a mounting issue with my Seagate 4TB on my mac. Would like to preserve data if possible. Having attempted a mount via terminal and DiskUtil I'm wondering what my next move should be. Disk recovery software? 3rd party recovery service?
The disk is a Seagate 4TB formatted as MacJournal.
First aid attempt...
Running First Aid on “” (disk2s2)
Repairing file system.
Volume is already unmounted.
Performing fsck_hfs -fy -x /dev/rdisk2s2
Checking Journaled HFS Plus volume.
Invalid B-tree node size
The volume could not be verified completely.
File system check exit code is 8.
Restoring the original state found as unmounted.
File system verify or repair failed.
Operation failed…
macOS Mojave Version 10.14.6 MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2014) Processor 2.2 GHz Intel Core i7 Memory 16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 Startup Disk Graphics Intel Iris Pro 1536 MB
Thanks in advance!
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2022.01.22 09:06 ghostofthefallen Cat Bath by のじゃ.

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