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New VoodooDE VR video: After the Fall - Genau wie Left 4 Dead in VR! Richtig gut! [VR Gameplay]

2021.12.06 15:27 VoodooDE New VoodooDE VR video: After the Fall - Genau wie Left 4 Dead in VR! Richtig gut! [VR Gameplay]

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2021.12.06 15:27 arya899 وقتی من تکلیفم رو انجام میدم ولی مامانم میگه تکالیفی که مال چند روز پیشه رو انجام بده. من:

وقتی من تکلیفم رو انجام میدم ولی مامانم میگه تکالیفی که مال چند روز پیشه رو انجام بده. من: submitted by arya899 to keoXer [link] [comments]

2021.12.06 15:27 jmdbcool Prediction tournaments in r/all with ever-growing vote and award counts

Posts like this keep appearing at the top of my all feed. They have astronomically high vote and award counts that keep growing. But not because they are quality posts-- because they are "predictions" posts.
Is this intended? Will these same posts keep re-appearing indefinitely while accumulating new votes and awards? I understand the intended prediction setup where participating upvotes it, however it seems wrong that these posts should re-appear as "new" with each new poll, while also rolling over the previous comments, votes, and award totals.
It's especially frustrating as an old reddit & third-party app user who will not participate in predictions.
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2021.12.06 15:27 nloo this is my dog :’) she loves carrots

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2021.12.06 15:27 Lilscante Finally at 1.1bill 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽💰 let’s go soon be up at 2.5bill before next pump

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2021.12.06 15:27 ballinsavage Mentoring

If you’d like serious mentoring visit my Twitter @mmalgology
It does cost because the edge i show you is really no where else.
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2021.12.06 15:27 Styelsy The I finally have a day off and I'm spending it doing homework look 🥲

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2021.12.06 15:27 LiteratureSmooth8721 Looking for an account with Skadi, and Edmond Dantes, and some other things.

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2021.12.06 15:27 Iomplok Micromanager is driving me nuts

I’m trying so hard to hold out because if it wasn’t for this one manager, the job wouldn’t be half bad. But if I have to have ANOTHER zoom meeting about how she wants me to count my envelopes out in 10s instead of 25s while I’m doing our weekly mailing or how I’m “not a team player” because I don’t message them and let them know I’ve got a day off when it’s in our department calendar in outlook… I’m going to bust something. They’ll even waste my time asking me questions and not even bothering to listen to my answers (because they’ve asked follow up answers I’ve already given info on in my original reply) and then get upset I’m not using my time wisely. I can’t ignore last meeting requests no matter how inconvenient because then I get a call from the department head telling me I need to be more of a team player.
They were on vacation for a week a couple months ago and it’s the most productive I’ve ever been. Idk if I’m looking for advice on how to set boundaries without getting more of the “be a team player” responses or if I’m just venting, but I just feel the urge to scream every time my Skype messenger chimes and I see it’s them again.
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2021.12.06 15:27 LiteratureSmooth8721 Looking for an account with Skadi, and Edmond Dantes, and some other things.

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2021.12.06 15:27 Informal-Glove3609 I would like to know what it feels like to be a cat, how do they always look so comfortable

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2021.12.06 15:27 BilboWaggonz it's going to be O K

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2021.12.06 15:27 ByraArt_Design “The Gold and Yellow Cow” 2021. 45x45cm Pigment Liner, Water Colour, and Gold Marker

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2021.12.06 15:27 Awataps0u0 El ari verse

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2021.12.06 15:27 SenorJoe1995 Nostalgia Kuma

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2021.12.06 15:27 janinemitchell You have to see this strange light in the sky in the middle of the day

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2021.12.06 15:27 theSpursyOne Right at the moment I thought I have the team that does fit my style I get this guy from 85+ upgrade 🙃

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2021.12.06 15:27 troublrTRC Someone got recommendations for music that evokes this atmosphere and emotions?

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2021.12.06 15:27 GoBlueCdn Why is SAFE being used as bargaining chip?

Ohh, the Tweeting being done on SAFE before NDAA conclusion has been epic.
The Pro SAFErs have mustered seemingly every shareholder to tweet at, email and call their Senators. It has been difficult to separate those who want SAFE strictly for a perceived increase in their holdings’ share price and those that are really concerned with employee safety. Advocates for SAFE are hosting Twitter Spaces, doing podcasts, writing op-ed pieces to get “public” sentiment on their side. The effort they have mounted is substantial.
Social justice activists have lined up on opposite sides for and against SAFE. I think one of these activists has not explored how banks make commercial lending decisions.
Senators from both sides of the aisle want SAFE. It surprises me not one bit that Democratic Senators with legalized medical or adult use in their state wants SAFE. It would improve their constituents’ businesses and safety. It is a no brainer for a Democrat to support SAFE if you look at who they want to appease. But Senator Schumer, as the majority house leader, must look beyond his state and at the national picture, and that is where this gets tangled up.
It has been intimated to me that former Colorado Senator Cory Gardner lost re-election in part because of his inability to get SAFE through the GOP lead Senate and the local cannabis businesses did not support his re-election in 2020. I think this is where the “Schumer needs SAFE for NY” argument got its legs, rightly or wrongly.
I think every one of us is concerned with employee safety, and it is a shame that the limitations on TRANSACTIONAL banking services that would improve safety have now become entangled in what I perceive to be an issue that is akin to very large head start that early Florida limited licenses provided those companies and investors (more later).
First, let me separate TRANSACTIONAL BANKING costs from cost of BORROWED capital, or commercial loans. I think it is important to separate as folks keep talking about “banking costs” by lumping these items together. They are two distinctly different areas of operation in a bank. They are two different profit centers. They are guided by two different protocols as to ACCESS. They should not be lumped together.
Commercial Loans officers rarely involve themselves with the Transactional side of the operation unless a borrowing client’s account is involved. In commercial banking, lending is very much separate from day-to-day administrative banking transactions. Not every commercial checking account has a commercial loan, but every commercial loan has a checking account.
Transactional costs are the services provided to regular commercial non borrowing accounts: Checking accounts, wiring of funds, taking deposits, credit card payment services,… Borrowing accounts also pay these transactional costs.
Account operational fees run from $50/month for regular businesses to $3,000/month for cannabis businesses.
In Canada, three years after legalization, cannabis companies still pay exorbitant fees for the privilege of day-to-day banking. Surprisingly, part of these fees (usually ascribed to Anti Money Laundering due diligence a bank must do on a cannabis account) in Canada are likely tied to USA federal illegality, as Canadian banks also hold USA federal licenses to transact business in USA. Canadian banks are not going to risk their USA licenses for handling checking accounts for Canadian cannabis companies. The risk-return is not there. And at banks, risk-return is everything.
I have yet to see any bank in the US indicate that should SAFE pass they will welcome cannabis accounts and at what monthly administrative costs. Or even an existing bank saying, “We are charging you $3,000/month now but if SAFE passes we will lower that to $X,000”.
Bank of Montreal actively explored entering cannabis in Canada for over a year and needed sign off from every single department to get it across the finish line. The biggest obstacle was “perceived reputational risk”. So, any real risk was trumped by perceived risk.
US banks will undergo a similar process to going “on cover” with USA cannabis companies, once permitted. Not all US banks will enter.
Commercial Loans are a distinct function of a bank. Commercial loans are separate from personal lending. Not every bank has commercial lending. Not every branch of a bank that offers commercial lending offers commercial loans at branch-level versus a commercial banking center.
Commercial loans are predicated on new borrowers exceeding credit criteria to gain ACCESS to loans.
Much of the dialogue on social media is conflating AVAILABILITY of commercial banking services with lowering a company’s cost of capital, which involves ACCESS to credit. This is like a bakery taking the frosted glass off their display windows. Everyone can now see the treats behind the counter (AVAILABILITY) but that did not change ACCESS to the treats, they remain behind a glass barrier.
More banks will lend into cannabis is a good thing, as it creates competition. Competition reduces premiums banks can charge to businesses. BUT banks will only compete to lend money to those companies that are credit worthy.
SAFE does not make companies materially better on the credit worthy front (I use “materially” as a small business saving $2,000/month can be the difference between life and death of a small business). BUT if they are already credit worthy, then they can reduce their cost of debt. So, the richer will get richer.
I will give you a sampling of credit criteria a bank will deploy with some generic covenant levels:
· Debt to Tangible Net Worth maximum (2.50 - 3.00:1)
· Current Ratio minimum (1.00-1.20:1)
· Funded Debt to EBITDA maximum (2.50-3.00-1) This also is a pricing metric.
· Debt Service Ratio minimum 1.20:1
· Loan to collateral values:
o Real estate 65%
o Equipment 65-85% depending on the salability of the equipment
o Inventory < 50%
o Accounts Receivables < 75%
The companies that can satisfy the above credit worthy hurdles at banks would be the companies that can ACCESS commercial lending from traditional banks that decide to go “on cover” with cannabis.
If you are a startup, you are missing some of the operational hurdles necessary to qualify for credit. That is why commercial lenders look for three years of company financials when analyzing credit. They want to see if the borrower is a good businessperson capable of making a profit to repay loans. The old saying that “banks lend money to those borrowers that don’t need it” is kind of true. There is a spectrum of credit worthiness but if you no longer need credit because you are generating tons of cash to fund growth, that is when a bank REALLY wants to lend to you. Banks want you to prove out your business on a small scale before they risk lending you money.
OK, above I mentioned “an issue that is akin to very large head start that early Florida limited licenses provided those companies and investors”. How can SAFE be that?
Those companies in Florida that were first out of the gate with limited vertical licenses have received a huge head start to any company that gets a license now. In fact, some limited license holders are sitting on licenses presently as they see their ability to enter Florida medical market as too crowded by those early companies that could attract capital to fill the vertical.
SAFE will open up commercial lending. Meaning those that are already credit worthy can reduce their cost of capital. MSO’s that are demonstrating credit worthiness right now can likely get cheaper credit. But SAFE does not in unto itself make cannabis companies more credit worthy, AND this is the big point.
If SAFE does not make companies more credit worthy, why would banks expand their lending universe and lend to present non-credit worthy borrowers? The answer: They won’t!
So, if SAFE does not increase the universe of credit worthy borrowers and only helps those borrowers that are already credit worthy, why are so many thumping the tub to get SAFE done?
We all agree on safety issues, and it is really a tragedy that employee safety has to take a back seat. Yes, the SAFEty part of SAFE makes tons of sense. There are 300,000 cannabis employees if not more in USA. There are armed robberies. There are still armed robberies in many cash businesses like liquor stores, so this will not be reduced to zero, but it will be improved. (It is much easier to carry $1,000 worth of cannabis out of a robbery than $1,000 of alcohol. Cash weighs the same regardless. So, cannabis stores will likely always be more of a target even post SAFE.)
(BTW… There are millions of cannabis medical patients that would see their cost of medicine reduce with interstate commerce, but we do not see the tub thumping by the SAFE warriors for interstate commerce, do we? In fact, we see investors wanting interstate to be delayed. This is as big an issue as SAFE, but it is barely mentioned in a social justice context. Once we see SAFE warriors also thumping the tub for interstate commerce, we will have a better idea if their intentions are for civic good or portfolio good. Me thinks, we will be waiting awhile for this support to build 😉).
Investors realize with SAFE that their investments should improve profitability by reducing cost of capital as their companies are already borrowing money and are credit worthy. And if all goes right the FINCEN rules get updated and their holdings can up list to NYSE or NASDAQ.
What would make more businesses credit worthy? Easy to state but harder to get done. Eliminate the 280e tax which needs federal action. This saving will improve companies’ profitability immediately. It will not make all companies profitable but will increase profits or, alternatively, reduce losses.
I think Senator Schumer knows that if he allows SAFE through the Senate without other aspects of CAOA or MORE (like 280e) he will have gifted an even larger head start to the present participants that are already credit worthy. The chasm between “Have’s” and “Have Not’s” will widen.
I fully understand CAOA and MORE do not have enough support to get to the magical 60 senators needed to avoid the filibuster. Incrementalism would be great, so long as the incrementalism does not further the divide between social equity applicants (and even non-social equity startups) and the well-funded. And unfortunately, the divide that SAFE without 280e would bring versus today would only increase in scope.
CAOA, MORE, and SRA all usher in interstate trade (it might take 3-5 years to happen). MSOs do not want interstate trade. Further, all three add Excise Tax at “first sale”. No vertical MSO wants that, as it makes their own products on their shelves less profitable than others’ products. CAOA goes one step further and prohibits vertical ownership of retail by cultivators/processors. NO MSO wants that, as more than 50% of their business is retailing cannabis.
If you are getting the impression that I think MSOs do not want federal regulation, you would be correct. The perfect model for them would be to continue state by state strategy and get SAFE+. They would still have to eventually deal with federal regulation but the tethers slowing their progress in the midterm would be fully removed.
How cooperative will MSOs be if they get SAFE without the rest of federal regulations? It would seem every other regulation in the federal legislation threatens their business model.
The investor onslaught on SAFE might in fact be showing to Schumer etal that the support they are seeing is to further investments and not social equity. Schumer’s people are likely not taking the sell side narratives at face value as many on social media. There is a possibility that the SAFE support from investors has only proven the point.
I have repeatedly said, “I am all for SAFE”. I am invested in US cannabis companies and who doesn’t like to make money? And similar to when I said, “I understand what Aphria is doing buying Tilray, but I don’t like it as an investor”. I understand what Schumer is doing, but I don’t like it as an investor.
But then again, I did not invest based on the timing of politicians’ actions.
Do I think SAFE gets embedded in NDAA? Who knows? I would be guessing.
But the Senate Majority Leader would have to flip his position and abort his DRAFT bill before it has even been debated. If he gets what he believes is needed, he could flip. (The HOPE Act is not it. That was a small funding mechanism for states that want to pursue expungements not a requirement of expungements.) If he doesn’t, he won’t. And I don’t think the pressure from Senators in his own party who have publicly supported SAFE in the NDAA will sway him, as even the proponents of SAFE seem resigned to it not passing.
I do think Senator Schumer knows that giving up SAFE without other gains to his agenda (specifically 280e) is not optimal. Politics is rarely about optimal and often about compromise. As the person holding the “stick” it is his call, BUT he will have to show legitimate progress on CAOA or another Act to pacify party members and voters that want to see progress on cannabis front. Although in the national debate cannabis IMO is barely in the bus let alone in the front few rows of the bus.

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2021.12.06 15:27 Error-2001 REDDIT MAKE A BONES ALBUM (Day Five) Top Comment will be the track 2 "w/ or w/o features"

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2021.12.06 15:27 RingoBreeze ELFING AROUND (80 minute movie made of stock photos)

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2021.12.06 15:27 AndyaGold https://youtu.be/rGnCEj9jKY8

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2021.12.06 15:27 FeedMeToTheSquirrels This Subreddit

I have been playing PC games for 20 years, and never in my life have I encountered a more toxic and entitled community than this Subreddit. In my opinion posts targeting specific people on the dev team should never be allowed, it has become harassment and frankly I'm fucking ashamed to be a part of this community. Did you know, instead of endlessly repeating the same five things over and over, you can just go do something else instead? Literally just don't spend money on the game, and more of a message will be sent than if you say anything online. Play MCC if you are so mad. Play halo 4, or 5 instead. This is the most impatient and entitled community I have ever seen in 20 years on PC. Get over it.
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2021.12.06 15:27 Sharin-Xv [FOR HIRE] Concept Artist & Illustrator - Open for commissions :)

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dm me
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