The Matrix Resurrections - Trailer #2

2021.12.06 14:00 amysteriousmystery The Matrix Resurrections - Trailer #2
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2021.12.06 14:00 efreddy25 ARC Family membership

Wanting to get a family membership at the ARC for my husband and I and his family. There will be 5 of us. We don’t live in the same household but they live right next to us. Curious if they will let us have a family membership together? Do they check IDs to confirm addresses?
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2021.12.06 14:00 newdohowaboutu Excited for Christmas

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2021.12.06 14:00 ghengiscod Uruapan, Michoacan de Ocampo, Meixo

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2021.12.06 14:00 lastnoblesteed Superman Comic Day 45: A Man Called Brute (Superman #6 Vol. 1 Part 2)

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2021.12.06 14:00 toko_tane What do you consider a character's different modules/costumes/designs?

Artists often portray individual voicebanks/modules as individual people. Do you do the same?
View Poll
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2021.12.06 14:00 captain_nuke 🎄 ChristmasBonk 🎄 - New Coin / Safe Team / Low MCAP / Lq Locked

ChristmasBonk is an new token on BSC with huge BUSD rewards for holding tokens 🎄🎄🎄 With our reward system, you'll never run out of BUSD for your christmas gifts 🎁🎁🎁
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💎Safe team
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💎Liquidity locked
- 7% - Redistribution - To all ChristmasBonk hodlers as BUSD
- 5% - Liquidity – Sent to ChristmasBonk/BNB LP
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SUPPLY: 10,000,000,000,000,000 ChristmasBonk Tokens
We are in the best time to buy ourselves some ChristmasBonk tokens. We are working on an app, a browser game. We are already contracted with a graphic designer to create Christmas themed promotion posters, as well as a whitepaper. We also have a lot of competitions planned 🎁🎄
🔥 Community 🔥
💎 Site:
💎 Telegram:
💎 Twitter:
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2021.12.06 14:00 Battlebot200 4 of my team caught Pokerus. What should I know about this? I’ve never experienced it before. Can I share this with others? Anything you think I should know/do?

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2021.12.06 14:00 hdeokjma 3020 Final

Does anyone have advice on how to study for this final? My 2020 prof was trash and 3020 with Sertel has been an absolute struggle. Would it be worth it to just get the answer key to the textbook and solve some problems from each chapter covered?
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2021.12.06 14:00 alpinepancake11 Teen Father's Rights Taken Away For No Reason? (From a book)

Hello. I sent this to the wrong subreddit and I hope this is the right place for this. It was a simple thing I read in a story a while ago. It was story that a friend wrote and I never read stories like this too often. It was never my genre and most would feel it is sappy but I pushed through that. I admired her work. Perhaps she didn't know the legality of this one scene, but it most likely was to make the story interesting. I am just very puzzled by it. I was also a child of teen parents who were never together after I was born, prompting a small reason to question this book scene.
If this was a real situation:
Basically, two seventeen year olds got together in senior year of school, the girl then is with child, they move out to an apartment as neither parents wish to be around them (story takes place in the 90s so I am sure many couldn't get away with this now, at least the school's near me would not have them get away with that). Everything is fine until she has the baby months later. They are now graduated.
The parents are called in by a friend who was in the waiting room. Then once the boy leaves the room to let her talk with her parents, they say as he walks back in, 'well we're moving away. And there's nothing you can do to stop us.' Just randomly packing up and moving, just like that. Or perhaps because of that. Later on, the dad says, 'I won't allow my daughter to love a boy like you'. He also complains about the apartment they live in, nothing wrong with it either. It's just simple.
Both of these two are eighteen at this point. The father couldn't just say things like that. The girl is just sitting there in tears. The boy had nothing against him, there was a job, steady income, and the girl kept saying over and over that she had to leave with her parents (she just respected her parents wishes is what I got out of it at first). There was no father's rights no anything and I was confused by the legal end of that. He didn't fight it. The parents went into the apartment to have her pack everything. The boy and the girl hold each other one last time and the baby is taken out of his arms. And they leave the boy to sulk in his apartment being surrounded by friends as they come in as they overheard the news. These friends also could have walked by the girl and her parents and couldn't stop them, that would cause a major conflict as it would be none of their business. I understand this.
All in all, I am just asking if this was even legal if this was a real situation. Just forcing an eighteen year old girl to leave an apartment with a stable job, good income, a young but fit father. It's never mentioned of any paperwork either afterwards, unless me as the reader has it implied that they deal with this after they move. But it doesn't, as it is stated later in the book that there was no contact for five years.
And the girl doesn't fight leaving either, just respecting her parents as she seems very scared of them. Saying once, "My father says I'm not allowed to see you again." And she is eighteen. The boy respects her wishes and just lets her leave.
The good part is, she continued writing the rest and the characters reunite five years later and marry and everything and the dad claims in the end 'well, you reminded me so much of me when I was younger. I didn't want her around that...'
That is still not an excuse, but they set aside their differences and the story had a great ending.
I apologize again if this still isn't the right place to post this. It may have been just a story that a friend wrote, very well written but most likely to make the story, she wrote this. I would just like to know how legal this really is. I look forward to hearing responses.
Thank you and have a wonderful day :).
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2021.12.06 14:00 BlankVoid0408 Epic seven pc

What's better to use to play epic seven (intel celeron n4020, 4gb ram) ld player or bluestacks
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2021.12.06 14:00 army_vet Magicians should be called tricksters, to dissociate from an evil concept such as magic (that which is not produced by reality).

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2021.12.06 14:00 titsmcgitz I found a buddy

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2021.12.06 14:00 alle15minuten Gerade ist es December 06, 2021 at 06:00PM

Gerade ist es December 06, 2021 at 06:00PM
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2021.12.06 14:00 SortOfAMainAccount Kronig Penney model

Is a material with the fermi level in an allowed energy band a good electrical conductor? What if it is at the top of an allowed energy band?
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2021.12.06 14:00 numisNFT The mission of NumisNFT is to contribute to the development of numismatics by providing collectors, connoisseurs, scholars and enthusiasts of the subject with an in-depth review of the most important coins in history 🏯

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2021.12.06 14:00 Designer-Promise2332 How does the Marathi word 'dink' translate into English (dinkache ladoo)?

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2021.12.06 14:00 Political_news69 All coral reefs in western Indian Ocean ‘at high risk of collapse in next 50 years’ | international News

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2021.12.06 14:00 homicidal_penguin Dillon Heatherington will not play tonight in NJ. He has tested negative for Covid but had close contact with a person who tested positive. So he is required to be put on the protocol list despite testing negative every day while in Ottawa.

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2021.12.06 14:00 Zank_ZemesV2 First flush! can I pick these now?

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2021.12.06 14:00 magicrectangle A Song in the Dark 5

First - Previous
Annabelle was famished.
"Gret would you be a dear and wheel that food over here? I don't think the general would appreciate me making any sudden movements."
She hadn't eaten in a day and a half. That alone was enough to make her grumpy and irritable, which wouldn't be helpful in trying to have a conversation with the bear people. She was going to have to do a lot of talking now. Talking to people was perhaps her least favorite thing. She wasn't antisocial, just preferred peace and quiet. She was the center of attention here though, there was no avoiding it. Maybe talking to bear people wouldn't be as bad.
Gret put the cart at the foot of the singer's bed. He pulled up a chair and selected one of the six trays of food for himself. He was hungry too she supposed, fine. Maybe that would make it less awkward to eat in front of them.
There was a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, and meats. Gret had been thoughtful in bringing so many choices, anticipating that some of it might not be edible to her. He needn't have worried though, with her cyberware she could eat anything. She could probably eat the soldier's guns, but it might be impolitic to try.
The vegetables and meats were thankfully cooked. Humans and bear people really did seem to have a lot in common. Their facial configuration was basically the same, their body language was understandable. Sadly the general was even demonstrating to her that they were about as paranoid and aggressive as humans, too.
Annabelle picked up a large spoon off the cart and began to shovel food into her mouth. She wondered idly whether bear people considered it rude to talk with your mouth full, but she was going to be speaking through a jury-rigged entertainment system anyway, so she didn't think it would be a problem.
She began, "Lets start with introductions. I am Annabelle Black, Void Singer of the Choir, member of the Terran Collective, species human." The last word, 'human' she spoke with her own mouth, after swallowing a piece of fruit that tasted a bit like a savory pear. She gestured at Gret with the spoon "He's Gret, probably a scientist, or at the very least smarter than your average bear." She giggled at her own joke, and wondered how her implant had translated the word 'bear' into their language. Nobody else laughed.
Gret followed her cue, "I am Professor Gret Tak, head of research at this facility, species yerg."
Annabelle gestured again with the spoon, "General, yes? Do you have a name?"
"I'm the only general here, so that should suffice." Okay then general cuntwaffle, if that's the way you want it.
Annabelle turned to the bed, her face softening to a smile, "and the sleeping singer?"
"Laktis, my wife." Gret took her hand.
"Laktis," Annabelle attempted the name with her own lips. "Can you tell me the circumstances of her injury? How long ago did it happen?"
The general spoke before Gret could answer, "we're not about to divulge classified information to an intruder in our facility."
Annabelle sighed, "Intruder? I suppose I can see your point of view, but the fact is I was invited."
"You detected our experiment and came to spy on us, that is not an invitation." The general's voice was neutral, he seemed to be making an effort not to get emotional.
"Experiment?" Annabelle thought for a moment and smiled. "So you don't know anything about the void yet. The experiment was recent if you are correlating it with my arrival, the past day or two? Most likely the wound is the result of an unstable breach then. Very helpful, thank you general." The general's expression turned sour.
"Normally void sickness is treated immediately after exposure. A delay of a day or two could result in some permanent effects, but I believe she will recover."
"You can treat her? How long will it take?" For the first time since Annabelle had met him, Gret had a hopeful expression.
"I started treatment a few hours ago, when I returned to this room. I placed a pair of tiny implants in the base of her skull. Don't remove them, even after she's recovered. The void is a part of her now. She'll need the implants to help her stay anchored to this reality."
"As for how long it will take... I'm not sure. She's the first of your species to be so afflicted, I assume. Not much data to go on."
"How do you know our language? You said you were invited? What is a Void Singer?" Gret seemed giddy, almost manic. The scientist and the husband battling for dominance as questions bubbled up in his mind.
Annabelle gestured to the jury-rigged entertainment system. "This thing is connected to your public datanet. The videos were particularly helpful for giving context clues to decipher the language. Unfortunately the connection is slow, so the process took hours."
"Your second and third questions are related. Your wife and I are both void singers. She sang, I heard her, I came to her. A void singer can push her perceptions into the void, and sing with the void voice. It is how we manipulate the void, and travel through it." Go ahead and tell them everything. Once the general realizes he can stop more humans from coming by killing the only two singers on the planet, how long will you keep breathing? [Rogue thought pattern suppressed]
The general sat forward, his eyes intense. "Technician Laktis can control this... void?" Typical, he thinks he's got a new weapon.
"Potentially, yes. Again your physiology is different from ours, I don't know exactly what it would take to allow that. But the void sickness didn't kill her, and I did hear her song, so she's definitely a singer." It was better the general saw Laktis as an asset than a liability, but Annabelle hoped he wasn't the sort to turn one of his own people into a lab rat. Or that there was somebody above him who could put a stop to it.
"General I feel I should address the elephant in the room." How would the implant translate that, idiom, Annabelle wondered. "You don't have anything we want."
"Is that so?"
"It is. As I said I have access to your public datanet. You're mostly limited to one planet, you've explored your solar system a bit, but can't terraform other worlds. Your solar system doesn't offer any particularly unique or valuable resources, you don't have any technology we'd be interested in. The only thing we'd want from you, I think, would be cultural products. Art, music, literature, etc. Nobody starts a war over that." Everybody would want a piece of the first alien race ever discovered. But Annabelle thought she was probably right about the not starting a war thing. That would be like killing the golden goose.
"I see."
"You also pose no threat to us. You can't even reach us. If you found a way to reach us, we could simply breach your ships and your world into stars and you'd be gone from the universe forever." Laying it on a bit thick, but technically it was possible. Getting a Mozart-class breach engine into the system would be difficult, but it had been done before. Not as a weapon, that would be massive overkill, but planets had been moved to put them in the habitable range of stars for terraforming. No, a more likely scenario would be breaches just a few meters across, used to blanket the planet in nuclear fire. That had been done before, too. But with you and Laktis dead, it couldn't be done here. [Rogue thought pattern suppressed]
"You're the military man so correct me if I'm wrong. As I understand it people start wars because they want to take people's stuff, because they're afraid the other guy might take their stuff, or because of preexisting animosity."
"Simplistic, but essentially correct."
"We've covered the first two, so lets consider the third. We have no relationship, yet. Right now it is in your power to create or not create animosity between our people. You do pose a threat to me personally. I could leave at any time, but I'm not inclined to do that until the sleeping singer has recovered. You could kill me. Void singers are highly valued, that would definitely create some animosity." Nobody even knows you're here. He could get away with it. There's more technology inside you than he could dream of. [Rogue thought pattern suppressed]
A technician entered the room, and walked to the corner next to the general. She set up a step ladder, climbed it, and began installing a surveillance camera. Annabelle watched wordlessly as she shoveled the last of the food into her mouth. She'd cleaned 5 trays in a pretty short time. Talking without your mouth was pretty great.
"So, what do you say general? Send the men with guns out of the room and deescalate this situation?" Annabelle considered the serving spoon. Stainless steel, carbon composite handle. She took a bite.
The general didn't answer. As she looked from face to face she realized what she'd just done. They'd probably never seen somebody eat a piece of metal like it was flatbread before. She shrugged and took a bite of the handle this time. She considered the food trays. Silicate resin? That wasn't toxic to the bear people? No, the 'yerg' apparently. She had a bite of that too. Most of the materials that had gone into Laktis' implants had been replaced, with enough spare for her next project. Annabelle still had a craving for some rare earths though. She considered some of the pieces she'd removed from the entertainment system. One circuit board had several integrated circuits on it that would probably do the trick. She munched the whole thing down.
The general's composure was a little shaken. "Y-yes. W-well, I suppose it wouldn't hurt to adopt a more diplomatic footing. I hadn't realized Technician Laktis had 'invited' you, as you say." A nod of his head sent the soldiers from the room. The technician who'd installed the surveillance camera followed them out.
Annabelle's nanite forge began to work. "I apologize general but I'm a bit tired, perhaps a break is in order. I won't leave this room, feel free to leave as many guards as you want, but I'd appreciate it if they waited outside." As far as he knew she could teleport at will, so this would sound like a concession on her part, hopefully. "Oh and general, I'd like my clothes back."
"Very well." He walked out without further ceremony.
Annabelle smiled at Gret, then began softly singing to Laktis, stroking her fur with her left hand. Her right hand slid below the bedframe, out of view. She reached into the void. The song for the lost was still being sung for her. She harmonized with the other singer. They'd be expecting her to come across the bridge.
Instead, a tiny data module disappeared from Annabelle's right hand.
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2021.12.06 14:00 DionysisJade Tips for better gaming experience

If you haven't already, enable the developer options on your Android device. Google how to do this for your device, but typically it's done by going to settings>phone>builder tap builder 7 times until it tells you developer options are open. Then developer options will be under system in settings. You'll want to limit background processes and enable force msaa 4x.
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2021.12.06 14:00 Bulky-Mark315 I miss Danbury but fuck, it's everything but free here

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2021.12.06 14:00 nrp1982 Australian miner I walked off the job further details below

not one to post on here often. but tonight I walked off the job on the last shift of the swing I'm an operator of graders with 15 years experience in road construction to underground hall road maintenance.this job was my first surface mining job I'm pretty self sufficient when on the grader but tonight was the last straw of the miss management and micromanagement I've endured working for bhp at there Mt keith operation.they nit pick over the smallest things my point is don't take shit from anyone if your not happy don't stay its not worth the frustration and energy wasted when your skills will be better off with other companies who reckonise your worth to all those wanting into this game have a real good think about fly in fly out work in Australia.the biggest problem with these big companies is the institutionalised supervisors with only ten years experience only in one mine site or any job they don't like to change they absolutely hate it when you can see a more effective and efficient approach to the tasks at hand.down vote/up vote I don't want any awards keep them for those more deserving of them. also I know there's people on here who work at this site who will see thos good luck to you all
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2021.12.06 14:00 FigureFantasy Figurine Profile 11: The Sexy Lady Zarola

Figurine Profile 11: The Sexy Lady Zarola
Master, what does a “Queen” look like to you? Today Yuki would like to introduce to you someone who will always be a “Queen” to me.
--- Figurine Profile ---
Product Name: Zarola, Scarlet Rose Ver.
Title of Work: Endtime Horizon
Manufacturer: TENMA
Materials: ABS & PVC
Specs: 1/7 Scale Pre-Painted Figurine (Special Stand Included) Height: Approx. 290mm
CV: Kiyono Yasuno
--- Zarola ---
Birthday: Nov 23rd
Skill: Heavyweight drinker; irresistible charisma; using her mechanical arm to sew with ease
Hobbies: Tease those who appear to be very serious
I wonder if Master will be teased by Zarola
Favorite Food: Red wine
Least Favorite Food: Earthworms (Please… earthworms are not even considered food)
Small Habits: When she is really interested in something, she would close her eyes, and her face would blush as if she is drunk
“All my nerves are getting excited!”
Everyone is mesmerized by this confident and coquettish big sister. She seems to be a queen born for roses and red wine. Even though she appears to be very friendly, she actually feels quite lonely inside and yearns for a sense of belonging and love. If Master gets to know her better, she may open up to you in the future.
Keep following us on social media. Yuki has more figurine profiles in store for Master!
#figurefantasy #figurine3Dmobilegame
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