I’ve lost like 5 followers in under a month lmao

2021.12.06 15:35 coalrexx I’ve lost like 5 followers in under a month lmao

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2021.12.06 15:35 sarcasticpremed DOES IT EVER END!?

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2021.12.06 15:35 Kaneeeeboy [EU] [UK] Team of 4 looking for a 5th

Hello, we are currently a team of 4 looking for a 5th, we are looking for a rifler with a lot of team exp and is preferably level 10 faceit.
Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/vairs/
Discord: D a n i e l#3517
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2021.12.06 15:35 yhwhmitoantigo Campanha política no nordeste starterpack

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2021.12.06 15:35 Uagn This 5$ tip

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2021.12.06 15:35 Fragrant-Ad2694 Anyone getting micro-stutters while playing apex legends in pc

After 2-3Min i am getting micro stutters in game and fps start dropping while fight. Anyone getting same issue?
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2021.12.06 15:35 barrynice29 After 32 years, the singer of Take Me On (Morten Harket) still got it

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2021.12.06 15:35 Ana_Raven ©️mike parisella

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2021.12.06 15:35 Yeetthebears Memory deteriorating among other things

I’m in college and have been having a lot of trouble with my memory. This has been going on for a while now, but it seems to be at its worst. I have always had an issue with processing things and it’s very clear to me now that I take FOREVER to understand things compared to others. I can read and read and read over something, but my mind won’t allow me to understand. The same can be said for my lecture classes. I’ll record them and listen over and over, yet things don’t stick in my mind. I distinctly remember from high school reading ahead so that I could understand things better. Then I could be on the same page as everyone else when I needed to be. I can’t do that here as most of my classes have material that is taught by word of mouth only. There’s no notes or heads up on what will be talked about ahead of time. I’m not really sure how to deal with that, as my professors are only accommodating when you have a medical excuse. I know stress does not help either, as I’ve dealt with severe stress from the very start. It even led to an unintentional eating disorder that I was somehow able to stop. But now I feel like my memory is just so fucked up that I can barely process anything.
I want to talk to someone about these things so I can figure out what I can do to get a handle on them. Where do I go?
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2021.12.06 15:35 Michael_Mags11 What is a popular trend that you dislike?

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2021.12.06 15:35 RespectedWealth HELP

My 07 wrx limited has milkshake in the oil cap. But the car seems fine, no overheating, and when I check the dip stick and oil they are not mixing. No milkshake on the dip stick or oil in the coolant(coolant levels fine). I have an AOS system that the milk shake keeps coming to but the car drives fine. I know that milkshake means the gasket is blown but the coolant and oil levels are fine. Is there something else that can cause this or is the calm before the storm. Can someone help this idiot please. Thank you
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2021.12.06 15:34 mimi0108 Steroline, a beautiful realistic slow-burn romance screwed up by the writers.

Steroline was a believable, realistic and well-constructed slow-burn romance but the concretization of this couple and their writing in S6, 7 and 8 was very poorly handled. This is the reason why many don't like this couple neither understand their love. So I would like to take the time to talk about this relationship which, in my opinion, is great and believable but suffered from terrible scriptwriting choices and was screwed up.
I warn you in advance, it will be a bit long.

1) Why making Steroline come true in Season 6 makes sense while being poorly written.
Since season 2, the series has sown clues to a romantic possibility between Stefan and Caroline. And, since season 4, a slight flirtation and attraction is noticeable between the two.
- In Season 2, the scene where Stefan teachs Caroline how to hunt rabbits is a perfect example of why, from the start, there was a romantic possibility between them. Stefan is happy: he jokes, laughs and seems "charmed" by his new connection / friendship with Caroline and vice versa. We see the beginnings of a friendship but, at the same time, the teasing, the smiles, the closeness and the glances offer a non-platonic possibility.
- In season 4, Stefan becoming single, we see a beginning of feelings on both sides, there is even some flirtation and embarrassment during their 2 dances (4x16 & 4x19). They flirt a bit in the first dance (even no humanity Elena shows a bit of jealousy) and are embarrassed in the second dance after Caroline's promise "you'll fall madly in love". Subconsciously, Stefan was not indifferent to Caroline (btw she is the only girl he invites to dance several times while even Elena has to drag him by force on the dance floor). But at that time he saw her as a replacement for Lexi (with whom everything was platonic) and was still in love with Elena so...
- In season 5, they both lost 2 people who mattered the most to them: Elena / Damon & Tyler / Bonnie. They're both have being heartbroken when their first love chooses someone / something before them (Damon / revenge). And even the amnesic Stefan understands Caroline is the only one he has left, the only one who has never betrayed him. They become mutually their only support. And the series shows us that a change has taken place. Caroline is desperate to protect Stefan. The latter is afraid of Caroline's judgment more than that of Elena. Suddenly the roles are reversed. Stefan prefers to confide in Elena about Enzo's death rather than risk disappointing Caroline. Elena becomes the friend and Caroline the girl whose opinion of him matters the most. As for Caroline, the fact Stefan gets closer to Elena and no longer confides in her makes her jealous, paranoid and somewhat bitter. All of this shows that Stefan and Caroline started treating each other differently, like a possible love interest, without even realizing it.
- In Season 6, it's clear they've both passed the friendship stage. The whole issue in Season 6 between Stefan & Caroline is because both started to develop romantic feelings and it's complicated for them. Stefan pushes Caroline away, then chooses denial and tries at all costs to find again the stability of their friendship by fear of taking the risk of going further, he confesses it himself later.
Caroline's attitude, her need for Stefan and her anger / sadness when she finds him are evidence of her romantic feelings. As for Stefan, he speaks with Alaric every week and he sometimes answers Elena's calls. But Caroline, his so-called best friend, he left her without saying goodbye, never called her in 4 months, never answered her calls and never hear her voice mails. And when he sees her again, he treats Caroline codly while he is not like that with Elena. As if seeing/speaking to Caroline and letting her reach him could prevent Stefan from continuing his destructive spiral. If that's not a clue of what's going on...
Stefan's denial of his feelings for his best friend is understandable:
He only loved one face for a century and a half, his breakup with Elena was painful and he built his relationship with Caroline as with Lexi. Whereas Caroline has always been friends with her boyfriends before dating them, which makes her realize and accept her feelings more quickly than Stefan does. The latter thought he needed a best friend more than a girlfriend and wasn't used to moving from friendship to love, so it took him a long time to understand his own heart.
In some relationships, there is a fine line between love and friendship. Unconsciously, some forbid themselves to think of more so as not to spoil what they have. But it simply need one to take the first step for the other to realize they feel the same thing. It's not always as passionate as other romances but the love is just as strong.
However, I think the writers mishandled this situation. Having all the characters pressured Stefan out with Caroline while he denies having any feelings had convinced part of the audience that Stefan genuinely meant that and that he was being pushed into a relationship he didn't really want. And this is a big mistake. Especially when the stake was to convince the audience that Steroline was the endgame couple and that their love was just as strong as what they felt for their first love (Elena / Tyler). Stelena and Forwood were epic high school first love. So there was a lot of passion, feelings and things going on. While Steroline is a mature couple between two people who know each other very well. And it would have been good to show that Stefan & Caroline can have two different but equally strong romances at two different times of their life if it had been better written and brought up.
- The last big mistake of the writers was to curse Steroline during the 3 last seasons, when they were a couple. How to convince the audience this couple is a true love story if we never let them be in a relationship, that we keep them apart constantly and that we prevent them from living adventures together?
First kiss? Caroline's mother will die the same night.
Confession of feelings? Caroline has turned off her humanity and pushes Stefan to do the same.
First time? They have both extinguished their humanity and Stefan pushes Caroline to lose control.
Official debut as a couple? Caroline is kidnapped and tortured by heretics for days. Then Valerie casts a spell on her, making any physical contact impossible between Caroline and Stefan.
First time with their humanity on? The next day Stefan discovers he should have had a child with Valérie and starts to protect her. Then Caroline discovers she is carrying the children of Alaric and Jo.
Caroline's childbirth? Stefan is marked by the Huntress, flees then abandons Caroline for 3 years and will be dating Valerie for 2 consecutive years, which is more than what Steroline will have.
Stefan proposes to Caroline? Shortly after, he has to go working for the Devil.
Stefan and Caroline's wedding? Stefan dies the same night.
It would be funny if it weren't so cruel, repetitive and tragic.
So I don't blame some for having a hard time believing this romance given that the writers wrote their friendship and the premise of their feelings better than their actual relationship. At least, in the first 5 seasons, Stefan & Caroline actually lived adventures together, were in danger, fought together and so on. While, since season 6, the series keeps pulling them apart, creating unnecessary obstacles and having little inspiration for their romance.

2) Why Stefan & Caroline love each other, work as a team/couple and are a beautiful romance if we forget the writing.
Caroline entered Stefan's life when he desperately needed a friend. His relationship with Elena and his brother was good but he was missing something: someone who could really understands what he is going through, someone to share his vampiric experience with, someone to connect in another way than his girlfriend. The same goes to Caroline.
Stefan saved Caroline and they supported each other in their complicated lives, became moral support, an ear to confide in, someone who would watch over the other out of sheer kindness and concern. And I think it really shacked them. That someone who owed them nothing (neither a family member, nor a lover) would worry about them, want to protect them or just chat and laugh with them. They both made a connection because of their vampire status and their inherently kind and compassionate personalities. From there, their friendship and connection grew more and more. When things were not going well with their families or lovers, they always had someone to take refuge, who would console them and so on...
They quickly became equal: both vampires, both knowing the worst as well as the best of the other, no secrets... Between them, there was no need to pretend or to make an effort. They could be completely honest, showed their weaknesses, their fears or, on the contrary, let go and have fun.
In season 4 & 5, after both being heartbroken by their great first love, each was all the other had left. The only constant in their life that had never disappointed them. And, in the midst of their friendship, admiration, respect, closeness, laughter, sadness, they began to have a thing for each other. But it was very complicated because it can be difficult to move from friendship to love, especially when each represents the friend the other absolutely need and doesn't want to lose.
The road to accepting they both want more than friendship, that what they feel is stronger, is going to be long, messy and heartbreaking. Their relationship will be complicated, full of obstacles and end tragically. But the emotions they felt, the support they gave each other and the love they shared was worth all their suffering, which is why they held on to it until the very end. They will become the true great love of each other's life.
Being both more mature and more realistic, it made their relationship more stable and healthier (despite obstacles). They knew each other perfectly, were partners and supported each other despite everything. Caroline always knew Damon meant more than she to Stefan. Just as she always knew Stefan was a martyr who thought he had to redeem himself. And Stefan knew Caroline's mom and daughters were everything to her. Each knew what they were getting into. In a way, their relationship was really honest and healthy. They were completely devoted to each other knowing each had their own morals and priorities alongside. It was not two teens believing that one could live on love and fresh water. But two adults who knew they could be independent, that each had their own dream, way of thinking, family but they were in love and needed each other in their life.
However, Caroline & Stefan will also hurt themself and the other a lot because they need each other too much (being both best friend and lover). Also, they both had family priorities that they couldn't put after their couple. "Family first", like Stefan said to her. Not to mention the fact their life and Stefan's demons have always been complicated. But, at the end of the day, the lover Stefan needed the most, and who matched him the most, was Caroline (same for her).
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2021.12.06 15:34 lamericana Just got diagnosed with androgenic alopecia and have some frizzy hair. What should I do?

As I said in the title, I just got diagnosed with androgenic alopecia and I got pretty frizzy hair (I live in an area that's pretty much Florida without Florida men) and I'd like some advice.
If you were in my shoes, would you fully cut your hair; try to manage the frizz and use whatever meds the doctor prescribes or another option?
Thank you!
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2021.12.06 15:34 Pspreviewer100 Bend Studio is hiring!

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2021.12.06 15:34 North_Blvd The Dinosaur sweaters are up on the website!

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2021.12.06 15:34 kj_gamer2614 Having issues with recording/ streaming

I record a lot of clips, from whatever I play, for my youtube. Recently in the last 3/4 weeks or so, however, when I press record what happened, it only records 15 seconds and the audio is muted. I checked settings and nothing changed, it was still set to my normal 45 seconds etc… so I decide to start recording, and when I look and finish it, it was recording for about 8 mins. The notification then popped up saying the game clip had been recorded, then an error message showed up directly after. I checked, and sure enough it only recorded 15 seconds, and without audio, despite recording for 8 mins. I have checked storage, and have plenty, deleted many old clips, so that can’t be full, and again checked settings and nothing was different. Anybody know how to fix this issue, or anyone having similar issue?
Another thing, that started roughly same time, is that whenever I use the twitch app to stream, it shows the bar for 1 minute or so, and then it disappears, and on my channel it shows I go live, but shows the empty screen showing I’m offline I checked all twitch settings and again no issues. I reckon this is related, so again does anybody know how to fix this, or have similar problems?
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2021.12.06 15:34 NoFaithlessness4138 super hot ◉_◉

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2021.12.06 15:34 ourlifeintoronto Chinese Government Is Building A Surveillance System That Will Target, Track Foreign Journalists, Students

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2021.12.06 15:34 Patient-Package-4884 Researchers create world's first warp bubble

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2021.12.06 15:34 AppropriateNoise9 Alex Wilson, The Weather Channel, 12/6/21

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2021.12.06 15:34 mouseeggs [GIVEAWAY] Trees (including fruits), pumpkins, veggies, DIYs, flowers, miscellaneous furniture, houseware, and clothing gifts

Have you recently started playing? Or did you restart your Island? Or do you just want stuff?
My very young daughter is sick (fine, but cranky), and has been spending the day sleeping on me and watching Moana. I'm taking the opportunity to clean up some stuff on my island.
Reply with your favorite comfort food to eat when you're sick. Then please send it to me, because I can't get up to cook. 😭
If you have specific things that you're looking for (or that you don't want!), tell me. I'll do my best!
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