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HR wants me to work harder shifts because I'm an efficient worker...

2021.10.27 22:41 WestSideToyStory HR wants me to work harder shifts because I'm an efficient worker...

Let me start off my saying the Aged Care Industry is a complete joke at the moment. We are all underpaid and are short-staffed every.. single.. day.. I make barely above the minimum wage to take on the responsibility of caring for vulnerable people who can no longer care for themselves. I am literally responsible for human life, and I can barely make ends meet with the cost of living increasing.
Whenever we are short-staffed which is almost every day I am always getting told by HR that I am needed elsewhere, so rather than working the shift I am rostered on for I am moved to an area that is more stressful with a much larger work load. Fair enough, I have always thought. I'm sure other people are being shuffled around as well.
I work this shift once a week, and chose specifically because it's less stressful than the other shifts I work four of the other days of the week. Well during the start of my shift yesterday I was yet again asked to move to an area of the facility with a higher workload and more behavioural residents. I told HR that I would really like to work the shift I was rostered because I'm not feeling the best mentally and don't need the added stress. "Oh, it's just that we always ask you first because you're so hardworking and really efficient. Everyone always says how you always get things done. We're going to need you to work as a team today." WHAT? It's obvious they meant this as a compliment, but basically I have been told that I'm being used because I'm compliant and hardworking. You're rewarding my hard work with harder work? It was at this moment that I realised the "rise and grind" attitude doesn't always work. Sometimes people are just going to take advantage of you and reward you with a bigger workload with the same rate of pay and benefits.
Yeah... those breaks I've been missing to make sure everything runs smoothly, I'll be taking every single damn one of them from now on.
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2021.10.27 22:41 Jojothebeast1 What is something that affected you the most during this pandemic?

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2021.10.27 22:41 Odd-Pop810 Ritalina para estudos(metodos)

Fala rapaziada,vou comecar a tomar ritalina afim de potencializar os meus estudos,queria saber se quem ja faz uso pra esse proposito poderia me dar uma guia Digo a respeito de dosagens,precauções e jeitos pra potencializar o foco que ela te dá
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2021.10.27 22:41 Donkeychuker I think he likes his pineapple bed.

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2021.10.27 22:41 halupki [WTS] Olight S1R Baton 2

Selling my s1r baton 2. It’s really awesome, but I just never carry a flashlight. I’ve pocketed it maybe 6 or 7 times. I guess I’d rate it a B because of that, but it’s pretty spotless.
Has the charger but no original box.
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2021.10.27 22:41 _craes Separation Anxiety advice, please.

Hi! This is my first Dachshund, his name is Boomer. He’s 8 weeks old & we’ve only had him a few days. He’s the sweetest & cutest little guy, we all love him so much already! I’m a stay at home mom of two little boys, plus Boomer, so I’m home over 90% of the time. I’m a researching type of person so I knew whenever I started my Dachshund puppy hunt that there was going to possibly be some separation anxiety & I thought, “hey, I’m always home, he’ll never have any separation to be anxious about.” Wrong. This poor baby is already very attached to me. I can’t take two steps away from him, can’t leave the room he’s in. if he’s napping & I think I have the chance to sneak away for a minute, I better think again because he’s up & following me. The other day, I had left my house & was gone for maybe an hour, hour & a half. My mother in law, who lives fairly close told me she could hear him whining & barking from inside my house from her house. I also left him in the living room with my husband while I went into our bedroom to fold our laundry, & he sat at the door & cried until I finally had to let him in. My husband had the idea that since he doesn’t like his crate that he should sleep with us, okay cool. So my husband will come get in bed & grab Boomer to get some puppy cuddles, & Boomer will lay with him for a few minutes & then he wiggles his way right back over to me. As I said, he HATES being in his crate & even though I’ve read all these articles & watched YouTube videos, I just can’t stand to hear him cry while I’m home & he’s in the crate. If anyone has any ideas on how to help me help him with his anxiety, please let me know.
Also, I hope it doesn’t sound like I’m complaining. I know he’s just a baby & we’re only a few days in, but I just hate to think he’s living in a constant fear that I’m leaving & never coming back just because I’m out of his sight range.
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2021.10.27 22:41 Strange-Dimension-69 Is the ghost city sky red?

Is the ghost city sky red? Or it's just art? In the manhua it was red... is it not in mortal world?
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2021.10.27 22:41 FriedChicken Did they raise the price of Musescore Pro?

My subscription from a year ago just expired. I believe it was $25 or $30 for the year. Now i’m seeing $39.99 for the year with the Halloween deal (65% off).
This seems quite high for what it offers, and I’m not sure I want to renew my subscription for that price.
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2021.10.27 22:41 greenblue98 New bills may shield Tennessee doctors who spread COVID-19 misinformation

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2021.10.27 22:41 elmoz4 Beating AI in 1v1 situations

Hi, I've played pro clubs since fifa 13, I'm in div 1 in fifa 22 clubs. Somehow I still cannot defeat the AI in 1v1 situations. I have tried every skill move in every situation and the always seem to know excactly what I'm about to do.
Any tips on this?
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2021.10.27 22:41 Technical-Thanks6825 How long is the wait after application and background packet is submitted to final review for a police application ? Passed all the steps packet just got out for final review.

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2021.10.27 22:41 Blueberryboy88 This Party Had Cheese…..

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2021.10.27 22:41 dandantheotterman Which current or recently former NBA players do you think could become the next generation of TV commentators and hosts?

I think players like JJ Reddick, Nick Batum, and Chris Paul would be good commentators like Reggie Miller is.
I think big personalities like Draymon Green and Russell Westbrook would be entertaining hosts like Shaq and Charles Barkley are.
Then Kyrie Irving will be like Kendrick Perkins.
Any other ideas?
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2021.10.27 22:41 DJheddo Just want to know the make and model if it isn't much trouble. I want one, it looks great for camping.

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2021.10.27 22:41 DavidKristin560 How to write quality essays- Reflection paper

After my last week’s crash program of “how to write quality essays” which I tackled “How to write a reflection paper” a follower challenged me to write a reflection on the Role of Judas Iscariot in fulfilment of the Easter. While it is not easy for the teacher to become the student, I accept this challenge nonetheless.
But before I begin, if you are constrained of time and you want high quality custom essays, I highly recommend Should you want to learn how to do it by yourself, be a guest of my weekly crash program of “how to write quality essays” Let’s get started, shall we?
I have titled my reflection: Judas Iscariot, a villain or a humble servant of the Lord?
One of the most intriguing questions that have always pervaded the Easter period is: Was Judas Iscariot, the man who betrayed Jesus and thus purportedly set forth the process of human salvation, a saint or a villain? It is a question quite easy to ask but whose answer is as complicated as the mosaic that mankind’s redemption is.
But perhaps in considering Judas’ role in the passion of Christ we need to know who this man was, where he came from and how he found himself in the inner Cabinet of Jesus’ disciples. The Bible gives a sketchy picture of Judas. But, if one dares to look, there is plenty of historical material put down about Judas and his life.
Inevitably, when considering the Passion of Jesus, the dramatis personae are quite obviously Jesus himself, his accusers and his betrayer. Judas Iscariot then etches himself right at the center of this matrix.
There are those who have argued that because Jesus was destined to die to save mankind anyway, what Judas did was a noble act because, they argue, without him, the history of Christendom would probably have never been written or would perhaps have taken another trajectory. He did God’s will and he catalyzed the fulfillment of the scriptures.
Judas, some scholars have written, was a powerless servant answering to a higher, inescapable imperative and should therefore not be judged too harshly.
He came from a place called Kerioth, a small town in southern Judea. He was from a rich family that was quite respected. In fact, Judas was a temple man and was quite well versed in finances. By all standards, Judas is said to have been a well refined, handsome, spritely young man. He loved power and the finer things in life. His character was also peppered with a dash of mendacious delinquency that made him a care-free, self-serving person.
So when he heard that there was a man in town about whom the prophecies had spoken and who was destined to be the Messiah, his heart was filled with a demoniacal longing to be close to the Messiah and be part of his inner circle. And therefore he made it his passion to follow Jesus at every turn and insinuate himself into his discipleship.
It is worth noting that among the twelve disciples, Judas was the only one who was never called. He presented himself to Jesus and begged him to accept him as one of his disciples. He figured that when Jesus was finally enthroned as the King, he would have a special place at the table and he would be rich and powerful.
Judas role is thrust into prominence during the last supper and the passion of Jesus. But he was, among the 12, the most hated because of his ill manners. He was a drunkard, loved the way of the flesh and was always rude to the others. Peter for instance, really loathed Judas, John feared him because of how he used to behave.
It was Jesus who, time and again, would reconcile the disciples when the entire house threatened to degenerate into acrimony. Maria Valtorta’s Poem of the Man God perhaps gives one of the most cogent outlines of the life of the disciples and the character of Judas.
As time progressed and Judas realized the Messiah whom Jesus represented was not what he thought about, he became a veritable bull in a china shop. Being the weakest link, he was easily manipulable and because he retained his ties in the world of merchants and the temple lords, he stuck out as one who would easily take up terrible task of handing Jesus to his tormentors.
Jesus knew all this but he still kept him close. We are told of the act of betrayal but we are never told what followed afterwards, apart from the fact that Judas committed suicide. Valtorta outlines that on the night that Judas betrayed Jesus he became completely deranged. He started running up and down like a mad man.
He could hear the howls of the mob baying for Jesus’ blood and every time they howled, Judas would run blindly blocking his ears in a bid to stop the sounds now so tormenting him. At one time Jesus, bloodied and beaten, looked at Judas who was in the mob on the way to Calvary and their eyes met. Judas froze and fell to the ground and was violently trampled by the crowd
While running so blindly he bumped into a stray dog, described as a big hairy grey dog. Dogs were very rare in Jerusalem those days. Dog and Judas locked eyes and the dog pounced on him. The two wrestled on the ground and the dog is said to have bitten Judas’ cheek, at the exact spot where he had planted his treacherous kiss on Jesus’ cheek.
Proud and unrepentant
He escaped and found himself at the House of the last supper seated at the very seat Jesus had sat and facing the chalice and the ciborium that Jesus had used during the last supper. He drunk all the wine that had remained in the amphorae from the last supper. Unable to bear the sight, he started running again blindly and bumped into Mary, the Mother of Jesus.
“What have you done? Mary asked him. When he looked at Mary’s eyes, he remembered the eyes that had looked at him on the road to Calvary and started running away. “Stop, Judas,” Mary shouted, “Listen, I am telling you in his name, repent, he forgives.” But Judas ran away anyway.
With his twisted face because of the badly injured cheek he found himself back in the Garden of Gethsemane holding the bloodied mantle that Jesus wore at the time of the betrayal. He uttered blasphemies at the mantle and then ran away and found an olive tree where he hanged himself.
It is said that in his last hours Satan completely possessed him. The symbols of the dog, black cat or a billy-goat are said in the study of magic to be the preferred forms in which Satan appears to people.
In all this where was Judas’ saving grace that would merit him the title of a saint? The sin of Judas, it is said was not so much the fact that he betrayed Jesus. It was his pride and his resistance to seek forgiveness even after being implored by the Mother of Jesus. Even Peter denied Jesus but he was forgiven when he showed remorse. In any case, when he cut off the ear of the soldier, identified as Malchus, Peter showed his love for his master in ways that others never did. Other disciples, with the exception of John, ran away but Jesus still forgave them.
From the word go, Judas was steeped into sensuality, power and riches, the trinomial of Satan and his heart was completely unrepentant. He chose suicide over the humility of repentance and therefore carried his sin with him to the gates of hell.
In many ways, Judas was not a pitiable character. He was a conniving manipulator who knew what he wanted and who, because of this very nature was easy to use to execute the act of deceit. Those who consider him a saint for what he did fail to see the parallelism between him and Cain, the man who also killed his brother in the Bible. They were both cut from the same cloth.
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2021.10.27 22:41 ElectriconRdQn2718 Bread Loser

Saw a post here yesterday about the struggles of being a breadwinner. Now let's talk about the bread losers na naman. Maikuwento kolang po yung mga palamunin ng papa ko. 5 silang magkakapatid at sya yung panganay. 3 sa mga kapatid na yung pinag aral na na kahit ngayon, hindi talaga mautangan. Walang gratitude. Nagka gallstone po si papa last months lang tapos imbes na mag ambag ambag sila para tulungan yung taong nag pa aral sa kanila, ang sabi lang nila is "Ipag pray ka nalang po namin kuya." Nakakabwesit lang. Mga palamunin na to sosyalan pa talaga sa socmed habang ako na anak nagkakandarapa pa maghanao ng funds para sa thesis ko. Pag ako po naka graduate, ako po ang kauna unahang engineer sa lahi namin na to. Never ako naghingi ng about sa sarili ko sa papa ko, always about sa school and doggos kolang. Ni damit konga never ako naka bili for the last 3 yrs ata. Kahit ano lang ibigay sakin ni mama gagamitin ko, kaya mukhang walang fashion sense. Pero ok lang, gusto ko lang naman financial stability. We are one medical bill away from total poverty at hindi ko sana hahayaan yon kaso yung mga kapatid ni papa nag guguiltrip. Paano daw namin mabatas magka magandang buhay habang sila naghihirap? Yung asawa ng tita ko shabu addict. Ilang beses na kami ninakawan kaso di parin sila pinapabayaan ni papa. Yung isa naman nyang kapatid, seaman, tumigil sa trabaho kasi na aksidente. Minor lang naman pero ayaw na daw mag trabaho kaya yan ang isa pa sa palamunin ni papa ngayon. I cannot stress how kapal talaga ng mga mukha non. One time, binigyan ng lola ko ng pera si mama as part nung inheritance sa lolo kong pulis na namatay na. Binili yun ni mama ng lupa para ma negosyohan. Akalain nyo yun, pumunta Yung walang hiyang tito ko na yan tapos hiningi kay papa na "akin nalang ang lupa kasi wala akong investment maawa ka sakin." God help me with patience kasi sagad na sagad na ako. Yung isa naman na kapatid ni papa, naka pakasal sa taiwanese, kahit 100 pesos ayaw yan mag bigay samin. Lastly, yung bunso nila, nasa Singapore, pati airline ticket nyan pauwi kay papa padin. Sana hindi kayo katulad ng pamilyang to mababaliw na ata ako pag di ako naka alis hahaha. Yun lang po.
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2021.10.27 22:41 BootySniffer26 3 Random Balance Suggestions

Just beat the mountain (the first time), here are 3 ideas I was thinking:
1) Test out a combat item that lets you flee from road battles (for a stress cost maybe or a % chance) and see if it fits the dev vision
2) I think ounce of prevention is too strong or the rest of PD's kit is pretty weak. Unless I have like 0 stress I feel like I need to use it off cooldown and this was also running Bolster 2 MAA
3) Ghoul encounters have been the 2nd hardest in the game. Ghouls are really strong
Just my three cents, I'm sure there's more in the works.
Secret Spicy Suggestion:
Add hunger tiles to the road that use the food in your inventory
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2021.10.27 22:41 CatMagician Does PT/INR show untreated Protein S deficiency?

Age: 35 Sex: F Height: 5'5" Weight: 145 lbs Race: White Duration of complaint: 20 weeks Location: USA, Blood?? Any existing relevant medical issues: 20 weeks pregnant Current medications: Prenatal vitamin, 1/2 unisom at night
My lab for protein S deficiency at 7 weeks came back slightly low. 51st percentile. My doctor was not concerned at first because this is not unusual in pregnancy (although still a bit low for pregnancy). However, when she asked about any history of clotting issues in my family, I reported that I had heard a first cousin (who I was not close to) who died of a postpartum blood clot allegedly, and my sister had a DVT in her leg after taking three pills of Yaz at one time. Frankly I am not even sure my cousin really had a blood clot-- she was a heroin addict and after asking for more detail the story my family tells does not make sense. Sounds like it was made up to cover for an OD, maybe.
This is my second pregnancy, and my first baby did have a pretty significant birth defect (born without part of one of his limbs); however, I was told by orthopedic specialists who work specifically with kids like him that this was spontaneous and occurred around 6-8 weeks gestation, and did not result from clotting. I had no clotting issues that I know of with the first one, although my OB then was not as thorough as my current one. I don't think she tested me for clotting issues back then to be honest. After my son was born with a pretty significant surprise birth defect (and 4 ultrasounds) she claimed it was probably a clotting issue, which is why my new OB checked me out very thoroughly. I have an absolutely enormous family, especially on that side, and she is the only one who had any kind of clotting issue that I know of, other than my sister. And I think anyone who takes three Yaz pills at once could get a clot.
My question is, does a PT/INR show current clotting issues in people who have protein S deficiencies? So far, I have not yet had this test done. My OB wants to go ahead and put me on blood thinners, but I am worried about side effects for the baby. I realize that we believe they are safe, but thalidomide was also considered to be "safe" for a time. As it is, I am not convinced I have a clotting problem beyond the usual that pregnant women experience, and I don't want to take unnecessary risks with medications. I am only taking the smallest dose possible of unisom because it's been so extensively studied and found to be safe, and I literally could not eat without it. I have horrible morning sickness still, even at 20 weeks.
I have an Any Lab Test Now appointment to go ahead and find out what my PT/INR is. I have a referral for hematology set up, but they can't fit me in for about four weeks. If I really do have a clotting issue, I don't know if it makes sense to risk a clot for four weeks. My understanding is certain blood thinners are relatively safe in pregnancy, like heparin. My doc did not offer that, but she did mention it does not cross the placenta. I think I could convince her to prescribe it instead (maybe), she mostly seemed hesitant because it would require two shots daily instead of one. But if I don't have a clotting issue and my blood gets too thin, could the baby be at risk if I bleed? I need to know objectively if I have a real clotting problem or not.
Another thing is that perhaps at 7 weeks the dehydration I was experiencing from morning sickness threw off my results? I ended up losing 15 pounds in my first trimester, I was so sick. My urine turned red at one point and I nearly went to the ER. I finally was able to keep water down when I started taking unisom at 9 weeks, although not much else until recently. I have gained about 5 pounds back, if that matters. I am much better hydrated now than I was at 7 weeks.
Any info you can give would be a big help. Mainly I just need to find out how I can objectively tell if I have a clotting problem. It seems like a PT/INR test is the way to do that, but I can't tell if it would show anything in the case of a protein S deficiency. Thanks!
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2021.10.27 22:41 BobJoe8282 I just downloaded reddit today do you have any favorite subreddits I should join

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2021.10.27 22:41 Well_darn_it What’s this Bee do…

I found a bee in the Other Nether, and it’s name is the Beediddle Bee. It’s immune to all apparent attacks and also does a whopping 2.147E9 damage. Anyone have any idea what I ran into?
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2021.10.27 22:41 GrayFarm Advice on Meme Coins

As someone trying to be responsible, it is frustrating to see my portfolio advance the most from a random Shiba purchase on a whim.
So, what does the group think? What's the best meme coin to buy, as a gamble? Thoughts on Eth Max?
(Maybe this post will stay up. Im asking a serious question, but I think it keeps getting taken down.)
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2021.10.27 22:41 jjgbu4545 Serpentico spreading positive vibes amongst the reveal of the ROH contract situation

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2021.10.27 22:41 siiilverrsurfer Atlanta United [2] - Inter Miami 1 -- Martinez 73'

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2021.10.27 22:41 8sto Online Editor to Create Animated SVG

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2021.10.27 22:41 sheshgaming31 Counterfeit (fake) condom

Doctor, I bought a new condom, and slide over my fingers I had a cut on my finger and the condom was pre lubricated but later I found that the condom is not original it is counterfeit (fake), the lubricant came in contact with my cut on finger, can it have any hiv viruses or any other STDs?
I am not worried about hiv and other STDs as the condom was fake and is there a possibility that the fake company uses lubricants with viruses present?
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